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FAQs ... and Answers :)

Who are the directors of the current H-PRIDE Basketball Club?
Keith Heinerich, Head Varsity Basketball Coach at Haverford High School
Steve Cloran, Founder of BETTERBALL!
Between them, Keith and Steve have over 50 years of teaching and coaching basketball

Who are the coaches of the current H-PRIDE Basketball Club?
We have a mix of fathers or mothers of current or ex-players.  The Directors of H-PRIDE are very concerned about the phenomenon known as "Daddy-Ball" or "Mommy-Ball" where the head coach's son or daughter gets the most playing time, the most shots, never gets "yelled at", and can do whatever he or she wants on the court because their Daddy or Mommy are the coach.  As the leaders of the club, Keith and Steve communicate our concerns and expectations to our parent-coaches about "Daddy-Ball" or "Mommy-Ball" very directly and clearly.  If Keith and Steve feel there is a conflict of interest with any of our parent-coaches, we will not hesitate to make a change.  But, one's version of "Daddy-Ball" or "Mommy-Ball" may not align with another's version ... so we may just agree to disagree.  We also have non-parent coaches who receive a modest stipend for their coaching efforts.  

What gyms does H-PRIDE use for tryouts and practice?
Currently, we have a partnership with Delaware County Christian School in Newtown Square, PA and The Haverford School in Haverford, PA

How many team are in the H-PRIDE Basketball Club?
In 2019, we had the following teams:
4th Grade - 1
5th Grade - 1
6th Grade - 2
7th Grade - 2
8th Grade - 2

In 2020, we had the following teams:
4th Grade - 2
5th Grade - 1
6th Grade - 2
7th Grade - 2
8th Grade - 2

We are open to having between 1 and 3 teams in each grade division as long as we have the gym space for 2 nights of practice for each team.

How many boys typically tryout for each team?
It varies per team, but you can expect that at least 20-40 boys could tryout for each grade group.  

How many boys make a team?  
We typically keep no more than 10 players per team.  Keeping only 10 out of 20 (for one team) or 20 out of 40 (for two teams) does result in boys getting "cut" and not being placed on a team.  

Are players from previous years automatically on the team for the next season? 
At this point, the directors have left this is up to the head coach.  Some coaches bring back the whole team, a few players, or they conduct an open tryout with each new season.  

How is playing time distributed?
First of all, playing is earned by showing up to practice, working hard, playing the right way, being coachable, and being a great teammate.  If the player shows these qualities, then he will earn what we call "meaningful minutes".  We do not distribute equal playing time.  Coaches are expected to give all players meaningful minutes if they earn it during practices.  

Can parents speak to coaches about playing time?
This shouldn't be a question, but I added it in just to be clear.  Of course parents can't ask a coach about playing time, so please don't ask, text, or email about playing time.  We encourage your son - the player - to have a conversation with their coach to work on the critical life skill of communication and honesty.  Decisions about playing time are solely made at the discretion of the coaching staff.  If a player is not meeting the expectations during practice or during a game, then their playing time will be decreased or they will not play at all.  You can expect a call or email from a coach if your son is not meeting expectations during practice.  

How many tournaments do teams typically play in and where are the tournaments typically held?  
Our younger grades (4 & 5) will play between 3 and 5 tournaments.  Our older grades (6-8) will probably play between 5 and 8 tournaments.  We will do our very best to communicate this information at the time of the tryouts.  Most of the tournaments we have played in have been at Competitive Edge Sports in King of Prussia, PA, while others have been no more than 45-60-75 minutes away.  We try to do one tournament at the famous Spooky Nook Complex in Lancaster.

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