Tips For a Good Game All the Way Around

The goal of each game is that the kids have fun and are learning more and more each week how to play the game of basketball. Our staff watches up to 60 games each season and has compiled this list of tips to help all the teams achieve that goal.

  1. Before your first game explain to your kids that they will line up and high five each player and coach on the opposing team after the game. Please emphasize that they should never say anything negative to an opposing player. They can even high five the ref, they do not bite!!
  2. The kids will take their sportsmanship cues from their coaches. If you complain to the refs, they will too. On the contrary, if you applaud a great play by an opposing player, they will too!
  3. Take a few minutes before the game to tell the kids to tie their shoes. It wastes time on the court when the ref or a coach has to help tie a shoe.
  4. Try to avoid water spills at the bench area as it can cause injuries if not cleaned up well.
  5. Defense is played with your feet! Do not teach the kids to swipe and reach at the ball. Teach them to slide their feet.
  6. Although it might be fun for a little while, teach the kids to slow down on offense and if possible give them 1-2 plays to run. They will learn more and the overall play and flow of the game will improve for BOTH teams. 
  7. It is SO helpful to review the rules for your division and if there is a question at the game, every scorer's table has a copy of the rules. Politely ask the ref to stop the game if you have a rules question or concern, or use one of your timeouts. Together you can consult the rules. 

Coaches' Corner

In the Coaches' Corner, we'd like to offer words of wisdom, diagrams, links, images, and videos to help our winter league coaches with the management, teaching, and coaching of their teams.  If you would like to see specific content on a specific area, just let Steve Cloran know at  

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